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BYOD is a strategy whereby students will be able to bring along a personal electronic device to school to use as their primary learning tool. Due to the end of the DER (Digital Education Revolution) 1 to 1 Laptop Program, the Department of Education and Communities and WHSPA are supporting the bringing of your own device initiative for use at school. Below are some important points that need to be considered:

  • Devices using older Android operating systems (3.0 - 4.0) or ChromeBook's are not supported.
  • Testing on a wide-range of devices has been carried out at our school. A minimum requirements document is attached below.
  • A 'Student Agreement' must be signed by both the student and parent/carer. It then needs to be returned to the front office for approval and recording.
  • The BYOD requirements and responsibilities document needs to be retained for reference purposes.
  • Equity measures are in place. Further information is available by contacting the Principal.
  • We look forward to an exciting time in education with our students making real world connections as they become 21st century learners.

What will be provided by the school?

The school will provide access to a filtered Wi-Fi internet connection. We also have a full-time IT Support Officer to assist with device connections and troubleshooting various issues.

Compatibility: Please be careful about selecting a device, if your desired device does not meet the standards in the Device Requirements document, you may have issues with connecting to the school's Wi-Fi and general usage.

How is WHSPA addressing issues of equity?

Some teachers and parents have expressed concern about not being able to fund a device. The following strategies are in place:

  • BYOD recommendations include devices across a range of prices. Suitable laptops can be purchased for under $500 - See here
  • Some suppliers offer Lay-by, hire and re-payment plans.
  • Loan devices will be made available for students who do not have access to a device. These pool devices are comprised of the used DER laptops that Year 10-12 students have returned to the school. Graduated Enquiries can be made through contacting the school.
  • Parents/carers are advised that students do not have 3G/4G enabled on their devices, and only use the schools wireless whilst at school (This will be enforced). This minimizes expense and offers web filtering and safer environment for student devices.

Device Requirements and Student Agreement


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