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Year 10 into 11


Your child is approaching a significant phase of their school life. It is now time for them to start to think about possible future careers and the pathways they might need to follow to achieve their goals. At WHSPA, we want to provide parents and students with all the necessary information and support to make appropriate subject selection choices for their senior years of schooling.

Typically, a significant number of our students progress on to university study, while others decide to undertake more traditional vocational pathways. Students need to think carefully and critically about whether they need an ATAR. Students can still obtain an HSC certification without getting an ATAR.

The subject selection process at Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts includes:

Video released to explain the HSC https://youtu.be/9RbrD5bE2Ys (this is now replacing the subject selection evening).

  • A quick "How-to" for completing your subject selections online.
  • NESA requirements for a Higher School Certificate
  • Requirements for an ATAR/ Category B subjects
  • Patterns of study for HSC or University Entry- what is the difference?
  • VET courses (Hospitality, Construction, Entertainment)
  • The subject selection processes
  • The different courses in English and Mathematics will be explained in the Market Day
  • Student seminars will be held during Periods 1-2 on Monday 19 July and Tuesday 20 July, which involve teachers of senior subjects describing and explaining the content and requirements of the various courses.
  • Student issued subject selection packages.
  • Individual interviews with Senior Executive (27th  – 29th July). Students will complete a survey form and bring it to their interview. Students will be notified of their interview time.
  • Subject selections is an online process 

English Subject Selection Video:


Dance Subject Selection Video:


Drama Subject Selection Video:


Languages Powerpoint:

Why Study A Second Language?

TAS Powerpoint:

TAS Subject Selection

HSIE Powerpoint:

HSIE Subject Selection

Music Subject Selection:

Music Presentation

Entertainment Subject Selection:

Entertainment Presentation


Please find attached three(3) documents relating to EVET (Externally delivered Vocational Education Training)  for 2022:

  • A list of some of the course offerings and how you can access additional information
  • An EVET Expression of Interest Form 2022 - which must be completed and return to Ms Clancy no later than Monday 9th August. If you don't know your NESA Student Number or School Identification Number then please leave blank as they can be added later, here at school. However, you must ensure that both you and your parent sign the form.
  • A WHSPA EVET EOI 2022 for 2023 - this form MUST also be completed and returned to Ms Meafou no later than Monday 8th August. Once again it requires your signature as well as your parent/carer's signature
  • In regards to subject selection you MUST still complete the online form as required by the school, ensuring that you fully complete the form. This application is indicating that you wishing to undertake an externally delivered VET course and that you understand that by submitting this EOI that you are not guaranteed a place in an EVET course for 2022 but you really hope that you get a place in your preferred course. So please think carefully and choose wisely when submitting your application.




If you would like to know more about SBAT (School Based Apprenticeships/Traineeships) opportunities available for students in NSW then please Google - sbat nsw or https://education.nsw.gov.au.career-and-study-pathways​

If you have questions then please contact me. WHSPA currently has SBATs with McDonalds, Domino's Pizza, KFC, Wollongong City Council,​ local Bakery, local Plumber, local Builder, local Business Owner and Commonwealth Bank just to name a few.


Ms Meafou - Careers Advisor - Relieving