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Library news

Three months Free access to E-books and audiobooks - till November 3rd 2021!

Great news!

Want to read an e-book or listen to an audio book while at home?

For the next month we have access to nearly 3000 books!

Just log in with your DET username and password,

on your computer: https://whspa.eplatform.co

or an app on your device: https://whspa.eplatform.co/help/apps/eplatform-app

It's Lockdown time again unfortunately, but don't forget there are lots of resources on the Library section of the website.

And if you need to ask me a question, log into the Library through your Student Portal, and click on 'Ask Library'

Welcome to 2021

We still have some Covid restrictions operating in the Library

  • Before School and Recess – Year 11 Only 
  • Lunchtime (including wet weather)
    • Mondays – Year 11 Only
    • Tuesdays – Year 10 Only
    • Wednesdays – Year 9 Only
    • Thursdays – Year 8 Only
    • Fridays – Year 7 Only 
  • Careers Advisor and IT Help
    • Students must have a note from their teacher
    • Students are to sign in time on arrival and departure
    • If either person is busy, students are to wait outside the Library until it is their turn
    • Adam will sit in a visible area.
  • All students are to sanitise their hands every time they enter the Library.

Thanks for your understanding during this difficult time.


The 50 Words project is an interactive online map giving everyone the opportunity to hear Aboriginal languages spoken all across the continent.

check it out: 50 words Project

more info: How the 50 Words project is using technology to bring language to the world

Changes to the Library

There have been some big changes in the Library this year. We were fortunate enough to be given some second hand furniture from a Sydney school. This has enabled us to create some new flexible learning spaces. It is still a project in progress, with more furniture due soon.

Watch this space.

At the moment the Library now consists of several areas:

  • Red section - semi-circular red lounge, 15 computers, tables and chairs for a whole class
  • Blue Section - semi-circular blue lounge, 15 computers, tables and chairs for a whole class
  • Lounge - a large round lounge area, with high chairs, fits a whole class
  • High Tables - fits a whole class, high tables and chairs next to the windows
  • Senior Study - a section with study carousels for individual study
  • Fiction, Graphic Novels, Quick Reads, True Stories, Picture Books, Short Stories, and Biographies are spread out between the Red and Blue section and are on moveable shelving units
  • Non-Fiction, Senior Study books, and Accelerated Reader Books are all around the Senior Study area