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Library catalogue

How to Log onto WHSPA Library Catalogue



Tips for using the catalogue

  1. When searching, just use keywords, the searching isn't as good as Google.
  2. Use the correct spelling, it can't guess your spelling like Google.            
  3. If you only know the author's name, then click on Names, then type in the author's surname.
  4. Write down the Dewey number, eg: GLI, or 796.33 TAR.
  5. If you need help finding a book, ask Mrs Pfister, Ms Porter, or Ms Pike
  6. If you want a book reserved, ask one of us or email Mrs Pfister – lianep.pfister1@det.nsw.edu.au

What's a Dewey number?

How does a library keep track of hundreds of great books? The Dewey number system. Under this system, Fiction books are grouped together alphabetically by their author's surname. And Non-fiction books are grouped together by subject. Non-Fiction books start at 000 and finish at 999. They also have letters after the numbers, this is from the author's or editor's surname. 

The Dewey Categories are:

000 General Knowledge: Computers, world records, UFOs

100 Philosophy and Psychology: Optical illusions, Witchcraft

200 Religion and Mythology: Bible stories, religions, Aboriginal dreamtime, Greek myths

300 Social Science and Folklore: Communication, education, law, sociology, transportation, folklore and fairy tales

400 Language: Grammar books, Language books

500 Science and Math: Experiments, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, physics, geology, biology, dinosaurs,

600 Medicine and Technology: Human body, medicine, airplanes, space travel, cookbooks and domesticated animals such as dogs, cats, horses

700 Arts and Sports: Art, artists, how-to-draw books, crafts, origami, music, joke and riddle books, sports

800 Literature: Poetry, plays and classic literature

A800 Australian Literature: Australian Poetry, plays and literature

900 Geography & History: History, geography and travel, explorers

(Some of the information above from: http://www.breitlinks.com/dewey_for_kids.htm)