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Music Faculty

2024 Mamma Mia Program


Music is a superpower. Please view our video below:


Also here is a sneak peek at one our wonderful and enourmously talented Musical Theatre Ensemble groups. Enjoy!!


The Music faculty at WHSPA consists of a team of dedicated, passionate, talented and highly trained, specially selected music educators who are committed to increasing the opportunities available to students through the implementation of quality teaching within the curriculum and co curricula programs. The music staff are highly committed to technological innovation and adapting technology to suit student needs both in and beyond the classroom. The music staff are involved in professional learning to ensure they are current with industry standards in musicology, performance and composition.

Music students at WHSPA are regularly selected for performances in the Schools Spectacular, The Talent Development Project, Southern Stars and Regional and State Ensembles. We also have a busy in-house calendar of events which allows all auditioned students to perform throughout the year in our state of the art theatre facility. We have established a professional working relationship with The Wollongong Conservatorium of Music and a number of industry professionals in the music business. These relationships enable us to further enhance the opportunities available to our students. WHSPA music students are encouraged to become involved with their local community through participating in local performances, festivals and events.

Students studying Music at WHSPA engage in an extensive co-curricular ensemble program. This program consists of seven core ensembles and eight extension ensembles exploring a wide range of vocal and instrumental repertoire. Industry professionals are employed to provide specialist tuition in a range of areas to provide extension opportunities for gifted and talented students.

Entertainment Certificate III in Live Production, Theatre and Events is also offered by the Music faculty. This enables students to complete vocational training to support their music studies and future careers in theatre production. Our professionally equipped theatre allows students to operate industry standard equipment for our extensive performance calendar. We take pride in constantly refitting and updating our theatre space, ensure that students' knowledge remains current.

In our 7 to 10 Music programs, students engage in a wide range of performance, composition, aural and musicology learning experiences. Auditioned music students are provided with extended learning opportunities that challenge and develop their existing skills. All auditioned music students are supported by a personalised learning plan.

The Music faculty offers students the opportunity to specialise their interests and talents by providing the Music 1, Music 2 and Extension course as a separate class. This allows students to refine and develop their skills in an intensive and appropriate contextual setting. Senior students are closely mentored and supported by the Music staff in the formation and realisation of their HSC Music program, resulting in excellent HSC outcomes.



Music Faculty