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Year 7 into 8

Year 8 Electives 2023

A message to parents and students about Year 8 electives

In addition to the study of mandatory courses in English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History PDHPE, Visual Arts and Technology, Year 8 students will have the opportunity to study 2 elective courses. This is an exciting opportunity for junior students to diversify their learning, broaden their educational experience and develop their learning outcomes.

The courses on offer are described below.  WHSPA students have two elective lines in Year 8.

Courses on each line will appear on a student's timetable three times per cycle, giving them 3 x 80-minute lessons in each elective course, per cycle.

Performing Arts (PA) and Visual Arts Collective (VAC) students will have their auditioned subject on one line. PA and VA Collective students must choose their auditioned subject first, then a second elective of their choice. E.g. A student who has come into the school as an auditioned Drama student must choose Drama (Auditioned) as their first choice.

Dance, Drama and Music electives are open for students except those already studying that subject as a PA student. For example, an auditioned Drama student cannot elect to study Drama elective.

A quick 'How-To' for completing your subject selections in Edval.

More information is available in the Subject Selection Booklet.