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Year 8 into 9


Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts has the twin goals of Academic Excellence and Excellence in the Performing Arts. Students entering Year 9 are provided with the opportunity to elect three subjects that are of interest to them.

We are proud to offer our students a range of subjects that are designed to meet the passions, learning needs and learning styles of our diverse and dynamic students body. When making elective choices, students should keep in mind that these subjects must be studied to a satisfactory level for two years – in both Years 9 and 10. It is our belief that by providing our students with the opportunity to make informed decisions in regards to subject choice, we are providing them with a sound basis for them to achieve their potential.

Our Subject Selection Booklet contains advice on how best to go about choosing the right subject.

Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts subject selection process for year 8 into 9 will be as follows.

  • Video released to explain https://youtu.be/56_FS5YZJxc  (this is now replacing the subject selection evening). This video covers;
  • A quick 'How-To' for completing your subject selections in Edval
  • NESA requirements
  • Subject selection for Auditioned students
  • The different courses in Mathematics are based on students results in year 8
  • Student seminars will be held during Period 4 on Wedneday 26 July and Thursday 27 July, which involve teachers of subjects describing and explaining the content and requirements of the various courses.
  • Student issued subject selection packages.
  • Students will need to choose 3 subjects plus 3 reserve subjects
  • Subject selections is an online process that will close on Monday 7 August at 9 am