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Leaving early

From time to time it is necessary to arrange for students to leave school early due to illness or an unexpected circumstance eg: illness or injury to another family member. The purpose if this document is to remind parents of our school procedures at these times.

Students leaving school due to illness

  • Student reports to a deputy principal (if during class time the student firstly seeks permission from their teacher to report to a deputy principal)
  • Student discusses their circumstances with the deputy principal who completes the ‘Sick and Injured Students' slip.
  • Student reports to the front office where parents will be contacted to arrange student pick-up from the school's reception area.

Students leaving school due to unexpected circumstances

  • Parent contacts the school office to arrange for student pick-up.
  • Office notifies a deputy principal who will arrange for the student to report to the office.
  • Student waits in the school's reception area for parent to arrive for pick-up.

Note: For safety reasons students are not able to wait for collection on the footpath at the front of the school

The majority of WHSPA families follow these procedures however there is an increasing trend for some students and parents to have direct contact via text messaging to negotiate these arrangements with some leaving school without authorisation. At times this means that the students are sending and receiving text messages from parents during lessons. This is in breach of the school's current policy for mobile phone use at school and can lead to unnecessary discord in class. Following the school procedures outlined above will ensure that the early collection of students from school can be arranged efficiently and effectively for all concerned.

Note: At no time are students to leave the school grounds, on the premise of being collected by parents, without the authorisation of the principal or a deputy principal.


Paul Ryan